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About me


As an anthropologist, I study disability, gender, and kinship caregiving in postsocialist Poland. My current long-term goal is to complete my Ph.D. degree in Cultural Anthropology by the end of 2021. Upon completing my dissertation, I plan to secure employment at one of the leading European or American universities. Since I am passionate about research and teaching, I want my future job to incorporate both these elements. Eventually, I hope to become not only a professor but also a community leader capable of using my research expertise for the benefit of marginalized people.
I have won competitive prizes such as the Fulbright Graduate Award and presented my work at conferences along with being published in respected journals. I am a Polish transnational who has lived in the United States and taken part in a community of scholarship there. These experiences helped me become a more open-minded person who is eager to learn about other people’s lives.

About me: O mnie
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